It was hard to believe Dixie was just 1 year old. She could already fill an entire memoir, with chapters including:

–How I landed at an Alabama shelter

–The day a tornado destroyed everything

–Where do I go from here?

–My big ride to Connecticut

–A new search for a new family

If you’re putting the pieces together, here’s a summary: The hound mix found herself without a home for the first time, and then it all happened a second time when a tornado destroyed her animal shelter in Alabama.

The shelter asked the Connecticut Humane Society to take some of the pets who now didn’t even have a roof over their heads. So Dixie soon found herself on a lengthy emergency journey to New England. What else did the future hold? Where did she belong? She didn’t know anymore.

After all that, you can’t blame Dixie for feeling shy and scared, right? She was quiet, and tucked her tail when she heard cars on her walks outside. She looked around nervously, wondering about all the new smells and sights surrounding her. And she wasn’t feeling good, either. All the changes Dixie had just gone through caused an upper respiratory infection with some coughs and sneezes.

Luckily, because of supporters like you, she’d have her every need tended to. The staff veterinary department started her on a course of medication, and the animal care staff showed her the outdoor playpen was a safe place where she could run and have fun with people when she wasn’t inside snuggling in blankets.

Everyone wanted to show this sweet pup she could finally put down roots and not fear the future. Especially her new mom. Once Dixie healed from her illness and began trusting people, she met a new mom who was ready to give Dixie all the time and patience she needed to blossom into the happy dog she was meant to be. The next chapter of that memoir? Now I finally belong.