Dog sleeping on bed

Lucy didn’t know what it meant to belong anywhere.

Some homeless pets have known the feeling. They’ve come from families where they were loved, before life threw a curveball at them. But Lucy? She’d never really had a true home to call her own.

The blonde Labrador mix was almost 3 years old, but the people she lived with in the past never treated her like family. Then she landed at an overcrowded shelter. She wasn’t sure she’d ever find a place where she fit in.

That was about to change. Lucy came to the Connecticut Humane Society from the overcrowded shelter to have a better chance at a new life. That new life started with medical care—that dry cough of hers needed treatment for sure, and she couldn’t go on with those painful ears—in CHS’ medical department.

And maybe Lucy would meet her new person on a special day that was coming up: Clear the Shelters day, when animal welfare groups nationwide team up to clear the shelters and find homes for each and every pet waiting for adoption.

When Clear the Shelters day soon arrived, a dog mom named Michelle visited CHS hoping for a Chihuahua. At nearly 40 pounds, Lucy was much bigger than those little guys.

“When we met, she took one look at me with her big brown eyes, and I just knew she was to be a member of our family,” Michelle says. “Not only was she not a Chihuahua, she was much bigger than I planned (more to love).”

It turns out that Lucy was the dog Michelle had always needed. And she was the mom Lucy had longed for.

Now, Lucy has the home she always deserved, a dog sister named Charlotte who loves looking out the window with her, and her own bed…although she’s rarely in it because she’s usually cuddling with mom.

“Lucy has been an absolute delight,” Michelle says. “She completes our family.”