Billie Bella story page

You know you’re (super duper) best friends when you won’t even eat without each other.

That’s how it was for Billie and Bella. These tortie cats looked exactly alike, too, except for Bella’s tan mustache. They were 5 years old and found outside together on a hot summer day.

After they arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society, they were apart for a bit while each was examined and monitored in the medical department. They went on a hunger strike—and even a toilet strike—until they were reunited.

When Billie and Bella were given a space together, they immediately snuggled up. It was clear these two went together like feathers and wands … like peanut butter and Kongs … like purrs and head butts. And that they’d been friends for life.

All of their care would be done with the other close by now, and when they were ready, they would only go to a home that welcomed both of them with open arms. The same went for a foster home. In the middle of dental treatments, the girls headed to a volunteer’s home for some quiet time. Billie proved to be the more outgoing kitty, who always wanted to know what her temporary family members were up to and sat with them to be pet. Bella, on the other hand, liked to settle in one spot for the day.

The same day that they got the all-clear from CHS veterinarians, a couple visited the cat condos specifically looking for a pair of felines. Bella “instantly ran up to us and starting rubbing against my husband, Dave, and it was all over from there!” their new mom Sarah says.

“We’ve renamed them Reese’s (Bella) and KitKat (Billie) because they’re just such sweet kitties, and they both look like chocolate candy to us … Reese’s looks like she just ate a peanut butter cup with her peanut butter-colored mustache, and KitKat has a color split down her face.”

It hasn’t been long in their new digs, but the cats act like they’ve always been there.

“Both girls love cuddling up to us in bed, eating treats and playing all over ‘their’ house since we adopted them,” Sarah added. “They’ve settled in well in their new home with us.”