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Grits story page

If you met Grits today, you’d think, “Wow, what a happy dog who loves her orange ball and her parents more than anything!”

If you met Grits a little while back, you’d think, “Now here is a shy, nervous pup who doesn’t seem comfortable around anyone.”

Grits’ before-and-after story is one to behold.

The German shepherd mix is only 3, but she was old enough to have been through something that left her timid and untrusting. What occurred is anyone’s guess, but the Connecticut Humane Society would help her move past it.

Grits didn’t know how to feel confident around people. What did they want from her? Why did they want to touch her? During her first medical exam, she wanted to run away. You had to approach her slowly, and small rooms made her uncomfortable.

But when it came to dogs? She knew what to do—sniff and play bow and run together in the CHS playpen!

CHS’ behavior team had just the solution for this girl: a very experienced volunteer foster family with an understanding dog who could guide and teach her.

Off she went to her foster home. The volunteers took her to training classes with their pooch, socialized her with family members, and took her on field trips to the store. Slowly, she was learning to be friends with people. And if her dog pal was there, she realized trying new things was okay.

Clearly, Grits’ perfect adopter would be….another dog! And, of course, some very patient and understanding humans, too. CHS soon found her the right home, and her new dog brother became her role model. Grits has gone running with Mom, learned to howl at the window with her sibling, and discovered that orange ball that she loves. Since Day 1, she and her furry brother have been best friends. And that’s allowed her to bond with her parents, too.

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