Sunshine and Cleo

The two senior cats had enjoyed a good life together for 12 years now, being raised as sisters since they were kittens. Sunshine and Cleo, always side by side.

Then the house fire happened, and everything changed.

A nighttime blaze forced the whole family from its home, including Sunshine and Cleo. The senior cats were in rough shape.

Firefighters administered oxygen to both on the scene, and they were covered in ash. Sunshine’s fur was white with orange patches, but you would have thought she was gray.

The kitties needed to find a new place to go and start over.

Thanks to the generosity of caring community members like you, they found a safe haven at the Connecticut Humane Society, and a promise to keep the girls together through medical treatment, recovery and, eventually, adoption. They were survivors in their own right and took comfort in each other. They couldn’t be separated.

Smoke inhalation had affected Sunshine’s lungs, which gave staff veterinarians an earful when they examined her. Both had messy ears that needed treatment, and heart murmurs. On top of that, Sunshine had arthritis and needed a mouth makeover from dental disease wreaking havoc on her teeth. Since Sunshine wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while as she worked with the medical team and received dental surgery, Cleo—who found herself in much better shape than her sister—waited patiently by her side.

After more than two months of care, their fur was soft and shiny, and Sunshine’s lungs were quiet again. The sisters were finally ready for a fresh start. Finding a new home for a pair of cats can be tough. Add in their senior status and it can be even more difficult.

But that didn’t faze their new parents, who simply wanted to give a good life to cats in need and took both of them home. Today, Sunshine and Cleo are back to enjoying their golden years as a dynamic duo.