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If it’s all about first impressions, then Wonder’s was….interesting. She’d “woo woo” yell at her new acquaintance and leave you asking if she was upset. But it was soon clear to everyone at the Connecticut Humane Society that the beagle’s special bark was how she showed excitement. After those funny first impressions, everyone saw that she was a special girl as she received extensive medical care.

Here are the Top 10 Wondrous Things About Wonder!

10. That wagging tail. Some surmised that her wagging tail’s energy could fuel a whole house! You say her name, she wags. You look in her direction, she wags!

9. Her body says beagle and her personality says extra social butterfly. As Wonder’s foster mom notes, “She never met a person she didn’t love.” That’s why a volunteer foster home was part of her recovery plan.

8. Wonder was the best furry patient! She received x-rays, a blood test, nine exams, and multiple surgeries to remove lumps and bumps and fix her dental disease. And through it all, her medical notes read, “Nice girl!” and “So happy and sweet!”

7. Her athleticism. You’d be surprised how fast and far those little, stubby legs can go! As she recovered from surgery in her foster home, she worked up to taking longer and longer walks.

6. Wonder is an A+ pupil. She was working on “sit” when she first got to CHS, but soon mastered the command and even remembered to sit like a polite pup when her food bowl was presented.

5. Her office assistant skills. On days she visited for veterinary check-ups, Wonder was the gatekeeper to some of the staff—her “woo woo” barks insisted you pet her before passing go.

4. She enjoys the simple things in life—having a dog bed to lay in, hearing the comforting voices of people around her as she snoozes, enjoying some fresh air on a walk. We could all learn from Wonder.

3. Her greetings. Whether she was arriving in the medical department for an exam, or her foster mom was arriving home, she always sang a “woo woo” song. Now she sings to geese in the local park when she walks with her new mom!

2. Her resilience. Wonder received medical care for over two months, as staff veterinarians worked to diagnose and remove her lumps and bumps (seven mammary masses that were thankfully all benign). And she never gave up.

1. Her snuggles. Wonder is the consummate lap warmer. Her new mom says, “She has been renamed Wynter and is an absolute joy. She is the best cuddler and loves to cuddle at every chance possible. We have bonded so well and enjoy each other.”

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