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It was sink time again for Tilly. Someone had to help her get up there.

It had become the favorite nap spot in her room.

And when you’ve got a broken leg, you should get to do whatever you want and lay wherever you want, even if the hoomans have to drop what they’re doing during their busy day to make it happen!

So Tilly got comfy blankets arranged in her sink at the Connecticut Humane Society, along with a sign that read, “Please make sure the sink is kept dry! I like to lay in it, and I don’t want my bandage to get wet. Love always, Tilly.”

How could you not spoil this girl after all she’d been through?

Tilly’s journey started at a local veterinary hospital where her owner surrendered her; she needed treatment for her broken leg and her human wasn’t be able to provide her with the recovery care she needed. Knowing Tilly would be a long-termer to get ready for adoption, the veterinary hospital asked CHS to welcome her in.

She arrived at CHS and immediately let everyone know she was in a bad mood. Tilly hid, hissed, and was unimpressed when someone offered toys. She did appreciate getting her own room, without other animals around, with plenty of quiet—and with its own sink.

Meanwhile, CHS’ staff medical team performed x-rays to get a look at her front limb and consulted with an orthopedic surgeon about Tilly’s options. Luckily, the break was healing on its own, and surgery wasn’t necessary! A splint along with pain medication would be the way to go.

It was all working…now when Tilly got attention, she tried to make biscuits in the air—even with her bandage on! She wasn’t so mad anymore.

Over her two months of care at CHS, Tilly got play therapy to help strengthen her limb, new x-rays to check her progress, and lots of pep talks. She was much perkier now, although she kept her feisty side and let you know when she wanted alone time.

Today, Tilly is in her new home with a new family, happy and settled in. Now the only reminders of her old life are a small limp…and the sink naps she will probably always love!