Without their own voices, it’s impossible to know what ordeals stray animals go through before they’re rescued. When Sunshine was found tied to a pole outside of a church, a kind-hearted man brought her to the Connecticut Humane Society so that she could get another chance at life.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses for Sunshine just yet though. She had arrived very sick with parvovirus — a potentially deadly and highly contagious illness — and had to be brought to emergency care straight away, which CHS was able to take care of because of donor support.

Sunshine’s follow up care was more extensive than just medical though. Sunshine, while a great lover of people, got a little bit too excited to see friendly faces, and needed some support from CHS’ behavior team to develop a training plan that would help her express herself in a calm and safe way. From visiting waterfalls to burn off some energy and learn leash manners, to field trips to Starbucks for her favorite treats (puppucinos!), Sunshine was in great hands, and learning the lay of the land by the behavior team’s side.

Nom nom nom. I LOVE puppuchinos!

The goal was to be able to get Sunshine in a home that could continue her training, allow her to get all the exercise she needed, and to find her home that may eventually add another pup to the pack so that she could have a companion. She was patient as she could be to get placed in a good home, and after a few months of waiting, the perfect opportunity arose.

Now, Sunshine lives on a big farm with a kind man who is happy to continue her training, happy to take her out to the trails to explore, and happy to have found his best friend. Even though we can’t know what Sunshine had endured before her arrival at CHS, we do know that she’s now going to get to live a long and happy life, without any of the hardships she likely once knew.