Angel story page take 2

A bladder stone? In a dog?! Yup, it happens. And it happened to tiny Angel, an 8-pound Shih Tzu.

She’d landed at a local municipal animal control shelter and had some basic veterinary care, along with a diagnosis for her discomfort. But the tight animal control budget couldn’t stretch enough to afford surgery for the stone.

Luckily, that wasn’t a roadblock for Angel. The Connecticut Humane Society partners with animal control officers across the state and welcomed the 5-year-old pup into its care with open arms.

The gray pup wasn’t feeling her best because of her condition, but she certainly lived up to her name. She was sweet and quiet—the perfect little angel—and if she had her way, she’d probably have someone carry her around all day, every day! But for now, the focus was on giving her a pain-free future.

Staff veterinarians performed surgery on Angel to remove her bladder stone. Soon, bathroom breaks didn’t ruin her day anymore, and her time outside was fun again.

Because pets can count on support from friends like you, they get the treatment they need…even when it’s for ailments usually thought of as human problems.

When the time came to choose her new human, it’s no surprise Angel announced her decision by curling up in her new dad’s lap. The only reason she agreed to get up? She learned she was going home.