Sassy story page

A black-and-white x-ray filled the computer screen in the Connecticut Humane Society’s medical department of the Westport branch.

“Look at what we found in Sassy,” a veterinary technician said, pointing to the image. “She’s the sweetest cat. She’s been such a good patient.”

She recently had kittens and came to CHS with her babies from a local animal control shelter. Sassy was lucky to have landed at CHS and in so many ways.

CHS staff veterinarians who examined her noticed something was off in her abdomen, and that she was severely underweight. Sassy needed an x-ray and she was in the right place at the right time—CHS had just purchased and installed an x-ray machine at CHS Westport with funding from John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation. She didn’t have to wait for an x-ray appointment at a local veterinary hospital, or travel off-site to CHS Newington’s full medical department. Sassy was able to go just down the hall for radiographs.

Sassy’s x-ray showed a mass no one was expecting. After all, she was a young girl at just 3 years old. Two hours later, she was in CHS Westport’s surgery suite so the mass could be removed as quickly as possible. Next up was recovery time in a volunteer foster home where it was calm and cozy.

As the weeks went on, this pretty girl was feeling so much better and gaining the weight she desperately needed. She loved chasing a laser light and grew even more affectionate with her human pals. Sassy knew her life had been saved. Then, two months after coming through CHS’ doors, she was leaving with a new family.

Animal control, CHS, a volunteer foster…and you—all teaming up to give this girl the brightest future.