Samson would be strong one day. But for now, everyone had to be strong for him.

The 9-ounce gray kitten had just arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society, and he was barely moving. His temperature was low, his heart rate was slow, and he had pneumonia. He’d been found alone outside someone’s home, just in the nick of time.

Some pets get three medical exams during their stay at CHS. Well, Samson got three on just his first day. CHS’ staff medical team performed an x-ray and checked him every few hours, but he got prescribed something unique, too—a trip home with a CHS veterinarian for foster care because he was so fragile. This veterinarian was the person who’d given Samson the big, strong name, hoping he’d grow into it.

By 9 p.m. that night, Samson found his appetite and was breathing easier. By the following week, he was acting like a normal kitten and learning about playtime and the litterbox, though he still had a runny nose. Nebulizer treatments (special mist breathed in by a patient), medication, IV fluids and expert care—day and night—put him back on track. In fact, he became a big cat for his age!

Samson needed a lot more medical attention than a typical kitten, but friends and supporters in the community made his recovery possible. He’d known far too much pain and fear in his first few weeks of life, but then got the chance to feel love and compassion.

He lived up to his name and grew healthier (and more handsome). When Samson had fully recovered, he was placed up for adoption, and it didn’t take long for this fluffy kitten to find a home of his own. It’s hard to think about what might have happened if Samson hadn’t arrived at CHS that day. Thankfully, no one has to wonder.