When you’re a dog, there’s just no time for discouragement. Even when you’re hit by a car and break your leg, even after you’ve been through animal control and get transferred to the Connecticut Humane Society and then get your leg amputated because it never healed right…

Even then, when you’re a dog, you have this innate ability to believe in the good in people, and you can learn how to love and trust them again. Sometimes it just takes a minute for that brightness to return to your eyes, and to get that big ol’ grin back on your face – but it’ll come back in the right hands.

After Roxanne’s difficulties, CHS’ medical and behavior staff were the right hands for her. After losing her leg, Roxanne needed time and space to heal and to learn how to live on three legs, and with CHS’ support the whole way, she was undeniably bouncing back and blooming.

As a two-year-old black and white shepherd mix, Roxanne had never actually been trained – she didn’t know the basic commands like sit, or lay down, she was always pulling on her leash and quickly let the staff know she was a high-energy dog with a lot to say. Roxanne was eager to be a good girl, though. As it turned out, one of the key ingredients to Roxanne’s success was keeping a little stuffed toy in her mouth to keep her calm, cool, and collected!

CHS staff dedicated lots of time to Roxanne’s medical recovery, and to her behavioral training so she’d be household ready when the right person came along. And then, one day, he did.

And after all that she had been through, and all the progress that she had made, Roxanne left CHS skipping down the road — off to her new home, beside her new dad.

You just can’t keep a good dog down.