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Rose had a job: to protect her person’s farm and farm animals.

Rose also had favorite puppyhood pastimes: playing, exploring, and, well, not always listening.

As you can guess, things weren’t going very well. She’d been bought to be an outdoor working dog, but this girl wasn’t up for a to-do list. So at 8 months old, the husky landed at the Connecticut Humane Society.

It was a bit of a culture shock for her. Indoor living?! How does that work? Rose wasn’t housebroken and loved jumping on people. She also wasn’t sure what humans expected from her when they threw a ball in the outside playpen!

But Rose was sweet and loved everyone she met. She just needed some lessons: Family Life 101, Intro to Being a Doggo, and How to be Brave Around New Things. CHS knew exactly who could help: a trained and experienced foster volunteer!

Here’s her report card:

Family Life 101: A+

Affectionate, vocal, playful. Rose was friendly and playful with the resident dogs in the foster home. Rose learned sit, give paw and down. She loved to sit on laps and just enjoy quality time with her humans.

Intro to Being a Doggo: A+

Loved to play and run, liked stuffed toys, squeaky toys, chew bones and playing tug. Rose did chase birds. Rose worked on housebreaking with only a few accidents. She mastered going to the door and barking for bathroom breaks.

How to be Brave Around New Things: A-

Unsure getting into the car, but rode quietly once settled. Fearful in new situations. Loud noises like the garage door opening bothered her. Some insecurities in new situations, but she learned to be more confident each day. Rose had more confidence with a dog friend.

When Rose was ready to “graduate,” CHS knew she needed a home with another pooch. She loved being a part of a family and had come so far. It’s clear this Rose will continuing blossoming all winter—because she’s gone home with her new family and canine sibling.

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