There’s no one else Echo would rather have by her side, than her dad Brian. And Brian feels the same way about the Doberman. He raised her from a puppy.

So when they were faced with saying goodbye, the Connecticut Humane Society vowed to find a way to keep them together. After all, they’ve been friends for life.

It all started when 6-year-old Echo got sick and needed urgent veterinary care. It was unaffordable for Brian. He thought he was out of options. He called CHS to surrender Echo, in order to save her life and ensure she’d get the care she needed.

“But would you keep her if you could?” the CHS rehoming desk asked. Brian said of course.

And so Echo became a client at Fox Memorial Clinic, CHS’ reduced-fee veterinary clinic for family pets, located next to the Newington adoption center. There, Echo could get the medical treatment she needed and go back home with Brian.

Fox has offered routine exams, diagnostics, and surgeries to family pets for over 20 years. But when it allows a pet like Echo to keep her home – the only one she has ever known – you remember all over again how important it is to local pets in crisis and the people who love them.

Fox veterinarians diagnosed Echo with pyometra, an infection of the uterus that can suddenly wreak havoc on an unspayed, middle-aged female dog. It can be deadly.

The pup soon arrived for her surgery, stepping into Fox, rather than the rehoming lobby a few doors down. She would get to go right back home and recover in her own bed, with her familiar sights and smells and, most importantly, the person she loved most—her dad.

The spay surgery stopped the infection, and Fox’s Special Assistance Fund covered the costs.

“That made me very happy. I’m very appreciative of that. I didn’t know that could happen,” Brian said.

The fund is a reality thanks to generous donors, who believe in keeping pets in homes with those who love and know them best. Pets like Echo, who’s now back to being a bouncy, energetic, loyal companion to Brian.

“When she sees me put my shoes and coat on, she jumps up and down because she wants to go for a walk or for a ride in the truck,” he said. “Fox Memorial Clinic truly saved her life.”