couple with rabbits

This is a tale of two bunnies.

They come from different places and have different stories. But their lives changed together at the Connecticut Humane Society.
Meet Lemon Drop. A brown bunny whose big ears stand up nice and tall, he arrived at CHS at just a month old with a litter of fellow “desserts” (Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane and even Gingerbread). The baby rabbits and their mama came from a small rabbit rescue group and headed to a CHS volunteer foster home to grow big and strong.

Meanwhile, just a couple weeks later, a caramel-colored bunny was found at CHS’ door sitting in a cardboard box in the cold. Her name was Ophelia and she had long, floppy ears with a smoosh face. While her past was a mystery, and previous medical care was anyone’s guess, CHS veterinarians estimated her to be 1 year old.

Both buns followed a similar path—getting check-ups with the medical team, spending time with volunteers, getting a spay or neuter when they were ready, and then recovering under close monitoring in the medical department (rabbits are famous for being picky eaters after surgery). They were cleared for adoption a couple weeks apart.

Ophelia was ready first and after a few days, a couple looking for a rabbit had a visit with her. While she’d been a bit shy in the past, she climbed right into their laps. Guess you know what that means! She went home that day to a penned-in play space inside and soon made friends with the family dog.

Her new parents loved her so much, in fact, they decided they had extra room in their hearts for somebunny else. By then, Lemon Drop was ready for a home and, well, you can see how his visit went in his picture!

The pair of buns have settled in at home, and their new parents can’t help but gush about their loving personalities. Two different rabbits. Two different pasts. One happily ever after together.