When foster parent Judy picked up the 7-month old kitten Mera, she had just had surgery for a broken hip, and was in recovery. The foster care team at CHS gave Judy specific instructions for post-op care for this kitten, and while restricting a young kitten might normally have been a challenge, Mera was the purrfect patient.

“Most cats would not be so accommodating to [crate rest] limitations, but Mera is one-in-a-million!” -Judy

Mera’s case truly was one-in-a-million, from her mysterious injury to the special surgery she needed. After she’d been surrendered at only 7-months old, CHS veterinarians discovered that she had a fracture in her hip that had been causing her pain and discomfort for some time. Thanks to incredible supporters like you on Giving Tuesday, Mera was seen by a specialist surgeon via CHS’ partnership with an external hospital, and she received surgery that mended her hip. And then, thanks to a great network of foster volunteers, Mera was taken in by a foster family for recovery!

Because of her young age, and because of how well she’d handled all the hardships that came her way, the medical team knew Mera would bounce back in no time. Rather than physical therapy, which can sometimes be required for cats that undergo similar operations, Mera had been cleared for gradual increases in activity level over a period of several weeks, and foster parent Judy was willing to take it slow. Mera had a great set-up in her foster home, with a whole room to herself, a heating pad to keep her warm and cozy, and lots of toys for supervised playtime.

In her foster home, Mera was loved and was able to get plenty of rest, and while she had initially been thought to be a shy cat, Judy would take her out multiple times a day and all Mera wanted to do was purr, sit in her lap, and give lots and lots of kisses. And to top it all off, during her stay with Judy, without even knowing it, Mera met her future family!

Judy reported that “[Mera] healed very quickly and was an incredible foster. I was so happy that a good friend ended up adopting her and they LOVE her! She continues the purrs and kisses.”

When pets are healing, they receive top-notch care from CHS’ veterinary, behavior and animal care teams. But often, the unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds of the shelter environment can be stressful. As Mera can attest, there’s “no place like home” for the R&R and TLC from a foster family can offer on a journey to a fresh start.