A dog’s tail can tell you how he’s feeling, right? Well, Onyx’s had gone radio silent.

It hung limp and sad, and was pretty much just something to chew. In fact, the 3-year-old terrier had gnawed it to the bone—he actually couldn’t feel his tail at all. At his age, Onyx should have been wagging with young pooch energy when he met new people or got a cookie.

The Connecticut Humane Society’s medical team brought him right to the veterinary department, ordering spinal x-rays ASAP and a cone…with the condition of his tail, Onyx was on the verge of a serious infection that could spread elsewhere in his body.

Radiographs quickly confirmed Onyx had a fracture in his back, which had separated his tail from the rest of his spine, and that it needed to be amputated.

A few weeks after his big surgery, Onyx was promoted to an office helper. But now that he felt much better, he was intent on doing anything but helping. His initial performance review read, “He attempted to escape out of the room when people entered or exited. We ended up letting him have the entire side of the upstairs and he would run and greet people along the way.”

So he definitely wouldn’t be Employee of the Month…Onyx wanted to say hi to everyone and ask them to play. This boy was ready for adoption.

Before long, he caught the eye of past adopters who wanted a buddy for their CHS alum dog. Onyx didn’t have a tail to wag in appreciation as they signed his adoption papers, but he had another way of thanking them—jumping into their lap as soon as they sat down!