15 years of treats, 15 years of cozy naps in tiny beds, 15 years of loving humans.

And Mookie wasn’t done yet.

The tiny 8-pound Chihuahua had lived a lot of life, and needed some help to make the rest of his years the best they could be. His new pals at the Connecticut Humane Society quickly learned a lot about him because while he might be small, Mookie certainly let you know…

…What he liked:

  • squishy beds, especially being tucked in with a blanket
  • being around people all the time (He’d follow them around like a little shadow.)
  • slow, short walks

…What he didn’t like:

  • the cold! (Who could blame him?)
  • being picked up
  • anyone touching his mouth

Totally understandable! Mookie’s knees weren’t great, and his teeth (those that remained) were in rough shape. Staff veterinarians did a full work-up on him and also saw he was in early kidney disease.

They were all common ailments for a senior pup. Mookie started eating a supportive kidney food that he actually enjoyed, and a dental surgery removed any teeth that were painful and cleaned up the few that were still healthy. After less than a month, he was ready for adoption.

Okay, so we’ve got a very senior dog with early kidney disease who’s pretty set in his ways. How soon would he find the right match?

To everyone’s delight and surprise, just two days! Because a very special family had noticed him on CHS’ website: blind senior dog Yoda (adopted from CHS in 2019) and her mom. They all met, got along, and headed out as a trio that day!

Mookie’s starting over late in life, but he has the best home to help him do it.