Maya story page

Maya thought her retirement plan was figured out. She was up there in years, but she had a family and a home and a favorite couch, and that was enough. But one day, her world turned upside down when her people were moving and couldn’t bring her along. What would she do now?!

The petite pup came to the Connecticut Humane Society where pets of all ages get a fresh start because of supporters like you…no matter how long it takes! Here’s a look at Maya’s journey by the numbers.

13 years old

Maya loved napping, and didn’t care much about toys. She couldn’t jump anymore, but barked to let you know when she was ready to be picked up to go on your bed and snuggle. But sometimes she forgot she was a teenager and got excited for her meals and when hanging out with other dogs.

87 days of care

Like so many other senior pets, Maya arrived with some health conditions. But she was in good hands with CHS’ staff veterinary department. She needed treatment for arthritis, fleas, a skin allergy and a mouthful of very rotten teeth and painful gums, and that can take time.

3 foster homes

The pup was in CHS’ care for so long, she needed a few volunteer foster homes in between medical treatments. Each one was thrilled to spoil her in their own way. She went for rides to a local coffee shop for “puppachinos,” had a comfy dog bed positioned in the sun for warm afternoon naps, and made friends with the resident dogs.

0 teeth remaining

CHS veterinarians worked hard to clean up Maya’s painful mouth and teeth (well, the ones that were still there and hadn’t already fallen out). Her chompers were in such bad shape, they couldn’t be saved. The good news is that Maya got to enjoy pain-free eating.

13 veterinary exams

When a pet is a senior, you can’t be too careful. Animals are known for hiding pain and sickness, so along the way, CHS veterinarians made sure Maya was healing and that her medical treatment was working. Plus, they had to get her ready for…

1 new sibling

Maya now has a dog sibling in her new home! Her new family was looking for a senior pooch because their dog at home was also 13 years old! She was the perfect match and feels lucky that so many people (from friends in the community, to everyone at CHS) played a role in getting her there.