“Move over, humans. I do the talking here.

My name’s Aries, and I have tons to say. So I get to tell you my story.

I found myself at a local animal control, and I wonder if they could tell how much my mouth was hurting. They said they had friends at the Connecticut Humane Society who know lots about teeth and could help me, so I went there.

We all learned a few things about me when I visited the medical team: I am FIV-positive, which means my immune system is not as strong as your average kitty’s. (I mean, I think I’m pretty big and tough, but okay.) Then, I had something called “stomatitis” and that wasn’t anything to do with my stomach—it’s what was making my teeth hurt! AND on top of that, I had a heart murmur. Oh, and some mats in my most handsome, fluffy fur.

We all still thought I was perfect. Especially because I love singing and talking. My CHS pals and I would chat about all sorts of things. How I love being brushed, why all my teeth needed to come out in a dental surgery, which volunteers were going to brush me that day, how much I don’t like dogs, why everyone should stop what they were doing to pet me, when I would find a home that would give me attention 24/7 and never stop.

After my surgery, I got to hang out in an office at CHS with my friends. I kept their chairs warm when they weren’t sitting and made sure to leave lots of fur behind so they know it was me doing this favor for them. I also sang for them to make sure they had a nice soundtrack for working.

We were all having a blast together for the past two months, but they said a home would be even more special. Could it be true? Well, they were right. Now, I have a new mom to love. I have to go now, though. I haven’t talked to her in 5 minutes, so it’s time to go remind her to pet me.”