Change is scary. Change is scarier when you’re a puppy trying to figure out why you’re meeting new people, why they’re in charge of your food, and why they even care about you going to the bathroom!

That’s how it was for Peter, an 8-month-old pup found by animal control roaming the streets. He’d been fending for himself and was a bit rough around the edges. Over the next 41 days in the care of the Connecticut Humane Society, this diamond in the “ruff” made huge progress. It just took a lot of time and teamwork.

Day 1:

Peter had to protect his food outside. After all, it had been up to the hound mix to find something to eat. At CHS, he gulps his kibble and grumbles to anyone near his bowl.

Day 7:

When someone comes to see him, he hesitates, but is now willing to leave his bowl and greet them. Going on walks is still tough. Had he ever worn a leash before? He jumps, barks, pulls, zigs and zags. But at doors, he sits! He starts to learn slowly with treats.

Day 19:

After recovering from an upper respiratory infection with the medical team, Peter heads to one of CHS’ most experienced volunteer foster homes. “This little meatball has been great. As we always do, day #1 with a new foster is focused on draining their energy. We went for a hike and a swim, went to the horse barn to do “chores,” played with the dogs, and went for another walk,” his foster parents say. Peter also uses his voice…the hound in him comes out, and he howls if he can’t be within reach of his fosters at all times.

Day 27:

“We realized he learns SO quickly. There’s less barking/crying. He’s starting to figure out the schedule and routine,” his foster says.

Day 34:

Peter learns “down,” “drop it,” and even “crawl,” but more importantly, he learns how to live calmly inside a house. He’s okay being on his own, instead of always being in his foster parents’ laps, and he now trusts he’ll always get fed a meal—he no longer guards his bowl. And he loves meeting new people! Peter is ready for adoption! He goes on CHS’ website, but stays in his foster home, waiting for meet-and-greets with potential adopters.

Day 41:

The pup meets some new families and finds the right fit with one of them…and he heads to his new home!