Veteran and kitty story page

A lot of mail comes to the Connecticut Humane Society. But this envelope was different.

Inside was a heartfelt letter from a local veteran. He wrote to Executive Director James Bias that he was looking to adopt a cat, but not sure where to start. Could someone make him an appointment or find a way to help? He simply wanted to give a home to a pet who was looking for a friend, just like he was.

Everyone immediately thought of a feline named Kitty. As soon as you knelt down in her room, she was hopping into your lap, happy as can be and hoping you’d never leave. At 13, she was in her senior years and had no teeth left, but she was a great eater with a lot of spunk. And yes, Kitty needed a friend just like this veteran.

Two members of the CHS team hand-delivered Kitty to her new dad. The feline didn’t stand at attention, but instead climbed right into this deserving veteran’s lap, and a big smile spread across his face. Signed, sealed, delivered, she’s his.