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Blue story page

Ask Neil about his cat Blue, and he’ll have lots to say. You’d never be able to tell that he only brought him home a couple of months ago; Blue is already a beloved family member.

So when the kitty broke his leg in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Neil was devastated and willing to do anything to get him help. They turned to the Connecticut Humane Society’s reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic.

Those few months ago, Neil hadn’t been looking to get a cat. But Blue sure was looking to get a home. Neil was on a job site at a local building, and Blue was sitting outside.

“The poor cat was out there all the time, so I’d feed him my lunch. He was wandering around with nowhere to go,” Neil recalled. He couldn’t bear to see the feline alone and hungry anymore, and brought him home.

Neil already had a dog named JJ, but before long, JJ and Blue were buddies. Blue would even go outside with his pal when JJ took his bathroom breaks; since Blue was used to the outdoors life, brief outings to the yard seemed okay. Until one day when JJ came back to the door, and Blue did not. When Blue finally made his way to the front porch, his front limb was shattered. They still aren’t sure what happened.

“It was dangling, like it wasn’t connected to anything. He was walking around on three legs. I’d just gotten back to work after all the Covid restrictions, and we didn’t want to put the cat down,” Neil said.

So he called Fox, hoping there was a way to get Blue the care he needed, with some assistance on the expense.

“There really was not much I could do. Fox helped me and Blue,” he added.

Fox’s medical team performed an exam along with x-rays and consulted with a local orthopedic. Because of where the break was in the bone and how it was affecting his joint, the leg needed to be amputated. The care was covered by clinic’s Special Assistance Fund—which is supported by generous donors who believe in keeping pets in their homes and out of shelters.

Today, you’d think Blue was born with three legs. He jumps onto the couch and sits by the window, and JJ watches over him always.
“I’m very grateful to the Connecticut Humane Society and Fox Memorial Clinic for all they do,” Neil said. “They did a great job, and really helped me out, and that’s why I bring my animals here–because sometimes things are tough but you still want to help your pet.”

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