Jojo story page

She wasn’t easy to spot. And she didn’t realize her tiny “mews” would catch the attention of anything other than the mom she was looking for. Instead she caught the attention of the two-legged, human variety.

Jojo, a little black kitten, was stuck in a storm drain. She had tried and tried to get out, but it just wasn’t possible. When a local animal control officer responded, Jojo really hoped her scary, miniature hiss was enough to frighten him off until she could find her mom to help. But alas, the human had caught her! With no mom in sight, Jojo was headed to a shelter.

And it’s a good thing, too! Jojo was too tiny to be on her own. The animal control officer turned to the Connecticut Humane Society for help. She was underweight suffering from an upper respiratory infection, and struggling with an upset stomach—imagine all of that, on top of being a shy and scared little kitten!

The staff veterinary team treated her infection and prescribed her a regimen to grow big and strong—and off to a foster home she went. With time and patience, Jojo’s foster mom was able to give her the love and snuggles she deserved. Her warning hisses soon gave way to loud, happy purrs and, before long, she found her new family.

When a pet is found outside, injured or lost, it’s hard to know what kind of care they’ll need. With complications of soaring summer heat, it makes a pet’s plight all the more urgent. Thanks to your kindness, pets like Jojo can rest easy, knowing a fresh start is ahead because people like you never give up on them!