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Update, 12/22/2019: Nigel has some exciting “mews” to share – he’s headed to a home of his very own for the holidays! Thanks to everyone for sharing his story.

Nigel is in the running for 2019’s Longest Guest at the Connecticut Humane Society. He’s received treatment at CHS to stabilize his diabetes for months, and is now looking for his new home. We talked to him about earning this title and what he hopes for the future.

What did you think when you heard you might be named Longest Guest at CHS this year?

Nigel: I looked at my calendar and double checked the math. I can’t believe I’ve been here 306 days!

What does this title mean to you?

Nigel: I don’t think it’s a title you want to “win.” But it does mean that everyone has been caring for me for so long and is happy to have me for as long as I need to stay at CHS, and that’s really pawsome. They say I talk a lot though. Whatever. I have lots to say about rubber bands, the red dot I’m still trying to catch, my bird TV show that I watch in the mornings, and how often I want to eat!

Why do you think you’ve been here so long?

Nigel: I hear it’s because of my diabetes. When I got here to CHS, I felt so out of sorts. Turns out I have this condition, and it put my body out of whack. Apparently, it’s really hard to regulate diabetes in animals. I did a lot of tests with the medical people for different levels of my medicine (the humans call it insulin) at different times, and now I have just the right dose. I learned to be good for my tests and be patient, because all these people are just trying to help me.

Is it taking a while to find your new home?

Nigel: Yeah! I thought I’d zoom out of here once my diabetes got under control. I mean, I’m handsome, I’m good at conversation, I’m super at keeping people company, and I can even do “sit” like a dog! Sometimes, when I’m in a really good mood, I’ll even “high-five.” (My medical friends taught me all that to keep me busy!) What’s tough is that I need to be somebody’s one and only. And they have to be okay with giving me insulin. But I promise—it’s super easy once you learn!

What’s your hope for the end of 2019?

Nigel: To find love and be home for the holidays! Might I ask a big favor from my fan base? Can you share, share, share among your circles to help find me a home? I’m the goodest boy, and I just want to make someone laugh and feel like the most important hooman in the world. Because whoever adopts me will be just that, in my opinion!

An Interview with Nigel