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Patches story page

Patches did everything on her own timeline. Humans want to love on her? Well, not today. There’s a nice new bed in the corner? Maybe it will seem interesting tomorrow. A medical exam? Try again in…several days.

The 6-year-old Japanese bobtail mix was upset and scared when she arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society. But with support from the staff behavior team, she started to feel like herself again: a unique, charming, truly cool cat.

Day 1: Patches arrives at CHS because her person is moving.

Day 2: Hunched and hiding. When a hand offers to pet her cheek, Patches is frozen. Soon, she hisses and swats.

Day 3: The kitty moves into a room, since extra space often helps a pet’s mood. She growls as soon as she sees a person. She still won’t move in the presence of humans and stays on top of a cat carrier.

Day 6: Calming cat pheromones are sprayed in Patches’ room. If a person gets too close, there’s a hiss and airplane ears. But today…she’s willing to stand up, even with a person nearby! If you hold out a pen, she pokes it with her nose and allows you to pet her with it.

Day 8: When a human kneels down, she comes over! Patches purrs, and sounds like a pigeon cooing. She now feels happy and safe when a person is on the ground at her same level and her room is quiet.

Day 12: During the day, Patches head-butts and wants to be pet! A trail cam records her overnight to evaluate more behavior. Interesting footage is captured: She does strange jumps with her back legs! Over the next few weeks, CHS veterinarians again examine her and determine her bunny hops are caused by a condition commonly found in tailless cats—it can cause a lack of coordination in the hind end.

Day 27: Patches is ready for adoption!

Day 30: Old habits emerge sometimes, and she hisses when someone first enters her room. But then Patches stretches, asks for attention, and chirp-purrs while happily eating her food and cat grass. (Ya have to hear it to believe it.) She’s hesitant with new people, but loves attention when she’s visited by her favorites.

Day 33: This girl has found her new family and heads home!

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