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Fluff Fluff story page

This is a different kind of going-home story. One that, at first, didn’t seem possible.

Fluff Fluff the 2-year-old cat was sick. It was dire–she’d stopped eating and drinking, and she barely wanted to move. Fluff Fluff was feeling hopeless, and so was her family. They called the Connecticut Humane Society.

The kitty’s people were even willing to give her up if there was somehow a way to save her, knowing they couldn’t afford expensive veterinary treatment.

CHS took the young kitty in, unsure of what sent her downhill so quickly, but determined to give her a fighting chance. Veterinarians suspected a severe infection was waging battle with her body and felt that while Fluff Fluff was in fragile condition, an urgent surgery could stop the infection in its tracks.

It did. The beautiful gray kitty with big, golden eyes made it through the operation and was back to eating the next day. For the next week, she still needed supportive care and a blood test to ensure she was fully healing. But, Fluff Fluff was going to make it. CHS reported the good news to her family.

This feline wouldn’t be going up for adoption. She already had a loving family who just needed help through a tough time. Fluff Fluff was going back home, which meant a different pet who had no home at all could take her spot at CHS.

“I was happy. We missed her. We both love her, but my son is very attached to her,” mom Zita said.

And it was made possible by donors who support the Special Assistance Fund through CHS’ reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic. Without it, it would have been hard for Fluff Fluff’s family to afford her veterinary bills.

“Fluff Fluff is home and back to herself again,” Zita added. “She feels better. She’s a cuddler and will lay on my chest. She knows when I’m having anxiety. I call her my anxiety cat.”

Not all the happily-ever-afters are about adoption. Sometimes, they’re about a pet who already has a home—and gets to keep it.

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