Banksy story page

Timeless stories of kindness and optimism typically circulate around this time of year. Luckily for the pets that come to the Connecticut Humane Society, their stories often become inspiring tales of tenderness and hope too, purrfect for telling around the fireplace in the soft glow of the firelight.

Banksy’s story is a story of hope for all the shy, stray cats out there, it is a story of the kindness of staff and volunteers that dedicate their time and effort to giving pets’ the best lives possible, and it is a story with a happy ending, as all pets’ stories should be.

When Banksy first came to CHS, he had been found as a stray kitten, and it was hard to get him to open up to people. He’d gone to live with a family for quite a few years, but some changes in his home environment caused Banksy to retreat further into his shell. The emotionally taxing experiences he’d gone through had also taken a physical toll on him (he was licking and over-grooming himself incessantly), and it was determined that Banksy needed a fresh start back at CHS.

Over-grooming was causing Banksy to lose all of his hair. He was anxiously pulling his own coat out, but with the thorough medical examination he received when he arrived (that all pets get at CHS), it was discovered that Banksy had been suffering from allergies, and that his licking wasn’t from anxiety alone. Medication greatly alleviated his licking habits, and his fur slowly started coming back in. The rest of the problem was up to CHS’ behavior team to solve.

Some may believe that you can’t teach an old cat new tricks, but the CHS behavior team would beg to differ. It was clear from the start Banksy was not comfortable in his own skin when it came to interacting with humans, so he was put on a training and socialization plan, designed to expose him to more people and to allow him to feel peace in their presence. Volunteers and staff in the shelter got to work with him, teaching him all about the benefits of having a human friend: they can massage you, bring you delicious food, talk to you soothingly… Banksy even got to take a few trips out to different foster homes, giving him great exposure to new things in slow and steady form.

Slow and steady was certainly the name of the game to get Banksy out of his shell. It took almost a year before he found a new home, but nobody gave up hope for this kitty. After all his time at CHS, Banksy became a happy cat, with a full, soft coat, and a lovely family came one day to take Banksy home.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the medical and behavioral staff at CHS and all of the fantastic volunteers that generously give their time and open their homes to pets in need, Banksy is spending this holiday season curled up with his family, enjoying all the comforts and joys of life at home.

‘Tis the season for hope. Happy holidays from the pets at CHS, and from all the people who love them.