Dear new family,

How can I ever thank you enough for choosing me? I know I’m not a puppy, and I’m not a fluffy glamour girl, but you love me for me: a 6-year-old short pitty who loves to smile. And I’ll admit, my upright ears are pretty cute too.

Now that I know I’m home and loved, I feel okay thinking about my past. I went through a lot to get to you.

My old life could be rough at times. I wasn’t allowed to bark at my last home, even when I just wanted to talk to my family members. I had puppies at one point, but almost right away, they were gone. And most of me hurt all the time. I hated when anyone touched my head, especially my ears. And it was painful to go to the bathroom. The good parts were when I got to see kids and play with them, and when I made friends with other dogs.

But one day, I guess, my people couldn’t have me anymore. I found myself at this place called the Connecticut Humane Society, and they said I would stay there. They seemed to understand right away that I was uncomfortable. I heard these new people say I had infections in my ears, bladder and skin, and that I had to see someone called a veterinarian.

Oh boy. Could they fix me? Would I ever feel okay again? Everyone told me I was safe now and would get everything I needed. I started to relax when they gave me some cookies!

Every few days, I would see the veterinarian down the hall. I started to feel better, and I made some friends. Nice people took me on walks, and I loved smelling the fresh air and seeing other dogs walk by. They said I had a lot of angels looking out for me and making it possible for me to have a new life. How’d I get so lucky?

I stayed at this CHS place for over a month. They said there would be a soft bed for me there as long as I needed it. Was this my new home?

I didn’t know it at the time, but you were a few towns over talking about adopting a dog. And then one day you came in to meet me and said you wanted to make me part of your family! I’d get to be someone’s pup again!

And so here we are, happy together. I can’t imagine my life without you now.