Hayden story page

For his first few months of life, it seemed Hayden’s story wouldn’t be a happy one.

He was tethered with a tight wire around his neck and living outside. You’d never imagine this is how a puppy would be introduced to the world, but yet there he was.

Well, today, Hayden knows a very different life, and his story does indeed have a happily-ever-after.

At 4 months old, he was rescued and given what all pets deserve. He arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society and got the medical care he needed, along with all the toys, playtime and freedom for zoomies that puppies crave.

Hayden’s past had some lingering effects physically. His jaw seemed to have an old fracture, and there was scabbing on his neck from the tether. Plus, he could only use a harness—instead of a leash on a collar—because of his neck sensitivity. Emotionally, Hayden was a happy, bouncy boy, but still, no one wanted a leash to remind him of that wire tether.

He also learned some social skills puppies typically start learning at a younger age. Better late than never! Hayden learned to walk nicely with an adult helper pooch, and introduced himself (very politely—no jumping!) to some volunteers sprucing up CHS’ dog walking trails.

Bad memories of his “before” were disappearing, as happy and fun new ones of his “after” became the norm. Then, big news. This little guy was ready for a new home.

Hayden quickly found a new human and is home for the holidays. Where he’ll be safe and warm and enjoy the puppyhood he should have had from the start.