Leah story page

A pet’s average length of stay at the Connecticut Humane Society is 26.2 days. Leah’s on 272 days…and counting.

She’s a beautiful dilute tortoiseshell cat, young at just under 2 years old, and sweet as can be. And she’s been looking for a new home for months. So what’s up?

Well, Leah has a heart condition. It’s one where you can’t tell if she’ll live a full kitty life, or a shorter one. That can be hard to wrap your mind around as a potential adopter because we all want our pets to live forever, right?

But as the motivational T-shirts and posters say, she didn’t come this far just to come this far! There’s a home out there for Leah, one that will spoil her for the rest of her life, and you can be a part of her happily-ever-after.

Maybe you’re the one for Leah! Or maybe you can tell friends and family about her.

Way back in January, Leah arrived at CHS, and the only obvious medical problem was with her skin. She was biting and itching at herself, to the point that she needed to wear a cone at all times to prevent more damage until medication started to work. Her fur has grown back beautifully!

Meanwhile, CHS veterinarians detected a heart murmur in Leah, one significant enough that they felt Leah should see a cardiologist. Testing soon showed that one of the valves in her heart didn’t form correctly, and her heart changed to compensate for this abnormality. She now takes medication twice a day like a pro, and should have appointments a couple times a year with a cardiologist for monitoring.

Leah has been in CHS’ care a long time, but she’s spent most of it in volunteer foster homes! She loves people, and just wants humans who are officially hers every day and every night.

If you meet Leah, you’ll have no idea she has any sort of medical condition at all. She jumps at wand toys, she loves watching TV, she bats at jingle balls, she rolls around the floor while she plays.

Leah deserves to be an official family member in a home of her very own, where she and her people can just tell they belong together. Might her special person be you? Read more about her and apply here!