brown tiger cat

Here’s a riddle for you: What do you get when you put FIV, no teeth and middle age together?

Answer: a not-so-easy-to-adopt cat. And that cat’s name was Flaco.

Tough times had fallen on his family, and they weren’t able to take care of him. He hadn’t seen a vet since he was a kitten, and now he was 6 years old. The Connecticut Humane Society welcomed the tiger-striped boy, knowing the medical team needed to play catch-up on his overdue veterinary care to ready him for adoption.

That grew even more apparent when Flaco cried out while eating. He tilted his head and struggled to chew. Staff veterinarians found he had severe periodontal disease and extreme dental calculus—medical code for his teeth were rotting. Tooth problems don’t just stay in the mouth…they can lead to serious infections elsewhere in the body if not addressed.

Flaco also tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which meant he had a weaker immune system compared to your average cat. On top of that, he had leaky eyes and ears that needed medicine.

On the day of his mouth makeover, veterinarians found Flaco was already missing lots of teeth. The rest were in such bad shape, the medical team had to surgically remove them. Flaco would need soft food for the rest of his life.

Since the little guy had lots of recovering to do, he went on a “vacation” to a volunteer foster home for some pampering. The goal was to later bring him back to CHS, where he’d be up for adoption no matter how long it took to find him a new family.
But this foster family was in need of some new feline energy. Their senior cat had passed away last year. After about a month of fostering Flaco, they realized he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He won over our hearts,” his new human sister says. “He was immediately the most affectionate little guy. So trustful of us from the start. I’m so, so happy Flaco found us.”

They’ve now made his adoption official, and a cat that may have waited a bit on the adoption floor to find the right match…didn’t have to wait at all.