The whole “Toy Story” gang was here. Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep and Sporky. Four kittens, all black and white, bouncing around and thinking everything in sight was a toy. But one of them was not like the others.

Sporky relied on just three of his limbs to get around. His fourth was small and deformed. The front leg was bent, almost like he was permanently reaching up to shake your hand.

The litter had been brought to the Connecticut Humane Society, where they would get all the medical care they needed before adoption. And for Sporky, that would include an amputation. He played hard and fast, and with no control over the limb, he could easily injure it. For his safety and comfort, staff veterinarians would remove the leg.

The rambunctious kitten got bigger and stronger in foster care with his siblings, and a few months later, he was back at CHS, this time in the operating room. When it was time for recovery, he didn’t just begin his life as a tri-paw…he celebrated it! He was more energetic than ever. “Delightful madman,” his veterinarian notes read.

Sporky began spending time in a small room in the medical department to strengthen his three limbs, pouncing on toys and jumping with ease. He’d never felt so free!

When spunky Sporky was given the all-clear, he found a family who didn’t see him as different, but saw him as the perfect fit for their home. Now he lives with a dog, has a new name (Sevro), and loves climbing his three-story scratching post. Still delightful. And still as entertaining as ever.