He started out as the pup with no name.

There was no time for anyone to worry about such details when the tiny terrier arrived from animal control—getting him medical care right now was the priority.

So Connecticut Humane Society veterinarians reviewed what was known so far: The shaggy, gray pooch had been brought to animal control with most of his leg gone. It was crushed by something (the family who brought him to animal control thought it may have been a train), but no one knew what happened for sure.

Quiet and wide-eyed on the examining table, the little guy accepted a scratch behind the ears as CHS’ medical team examined him and outlined plans for surgery. Supporters like you made his fresh start possible. He was going to have a big recovery ahead of him, but pets in need can meet any challenge with you on their side.

A few hours later after a blood test, x-ray and amputation, the dog now named Cosmo began his life as a tri-paw. But there was an added complication. Since no one knew exactly what caused the injury or if he’d ever been vaccinated, Cosmo would need to stay at CHS long after he was feeling better. State law requires a six-month quarantine when a pet has a wound of unknown origin and unknown vaccination history.

To keep him occupied, Cosmo began serving as an office helper to vaccinated staff members. In between his “work” shifts (napping on piles of papers, keeping laps’ warm, greeting vaccinated visitors who had treats), he played on agility equipment outside to strengthen his remaining limbs. Turns out he loved to run!

Cosmo wasn’t the same subdued pup when he arrived. In fact, he could be a feisty boy sometimes, barking at new people or even hiding behind a friend’s legs. When his quarantine was done, the 1-year-old would need someone who understood how much he’d gone through.

Well, a CHS volunteer had been following his progress. With two small pups at home, she thought Cosmo would be the perfect addition to her family. She was right. Cosmo headed home with her, and now, it feels like he’s always been part of the pack.