Foggy story page

Warm beds are hard to come by for stray cats. The streets can be callous – the days can feel as dark as night, the cold can creep in deep, to the bone. For cats with bellies full of kittens, it’s no different. There are no promised meals, no comfortable armchairs to recline in, and there are certainly no guarantees that her kittens will make it.

But kindness exists in even the loneliest-seeming places, and instead of having to brave the rough and tough uncertainties of the unsafe streets, a gentle soul took pity on a pregnant cat, brought her to the Connecticut Humane Society, and saved many lives, particularly Foggy’s.

That’s because Foggy was born with a neurological disorder that causes mobility issues – issues that might not have been survivable out on the streets. And while he doesn’t know he moves differently from other cats, his condition is serious enough to require additional care.

Many pets that come through the doors at the Connecticut Humane Society require medical attention, and some, like Foggy, require additional specialized care for the remainder of their lives. CHS’ medical and behavior teams dedicate their time and resources to care plans specific to each animal, and they make sure to pass their knowledge along so that every family that fosters or adopts is well-prepared and ready to support their new pets.

For Foggy, the most outgoing of his littermates, this meant extra care and effort to ensure that, without stifling his curious spirit, he wouldn’t be in a situation where he could fall and get hurt. Foggy was also provided an easier-to-maneuver, low-profile litterbox so he could develop and maintain good toileting habits. He also became very familiar with specialty grooming techniques so the fuzzy gray fur on his little paws and growing belly wouldn’t mat and would stay clean from litterbox debris.

The small act of kindness that saved his mom and littermates gave Foggy a real chance. Because of donor support to the efforts at CHS, Foggy gets to live a life of comfort and happiness in a home of his own. For his love of getting pets and playing with people, Foggy now has human children to give him plenty of attention. For his love of toys, there will be more to play with than he could have ever imagined. Thanks to the kindness of people like you who believe in pets with special needs, Foggy is going to have the wonderful life he so deserves.