Bouncy, playful, energetic X 100. Axel was your typical puppy, right? Someone who’d be in and out of the Connecticut Humane Society pretty quickly.

But soon into his stay, Axel started having “strange episodes.” That’s exactly what everyone called them because there was no easy way to describe his condition: Out of nowhere, he’d walk in circles, then not use his back legs. Or, he’d fall over. Or, his legs would stiffen, and he’d feel stuck. Sometimes it would happen while he was out on a walk, and his staff member buddy would carry him inside.

Did the scruffy pup have a serious disease? Or seizures? Was Axel contagious? Every precaution had to be taken, and every lead investigated. Your support promised him the best care over the next 8 months.

CHS’ veterinary team worked hard to find a diagnosis, setting up cameras with the behavior team to see if the episodes happened to Axel overnight, and performing x-rays as well as blood tests. The staff veterinarians even partnered with a local neurologist, which led to Axel receiving the first MRI ever performed on a CHS pet.

After such thorough monitoring and diagnostics, everyone agreed Axel was indeed having seizures. And they seemed to be when he got excited (and when is a puppy not excited?!). Part One was complete.

Now for Part Two: Finding the right medication regimen. It’s not as easy as you’d think. For the next few months, everyone monitored Axel throughout the day (he became an office helper…but decided he liked relaxing and watching favorite cartoons on his tablet instead of working!), and the veterinarians continued adjusting his medication and dosage to stabilize his condition.

By then, Axel was ready to get used to a home environment and found a foster family with previous experience in dog seizures. They tracked every episode he had and when it occurred…and before long, they knew he was officially home and were ready to adopt him.

Axel’s seizures were decreasing, his medication was helping, and his new parents forever became a part of this pup’s story. Turns out he was the perfect puppy—for his new family.