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Benji story page

The phone call came in right before a (virtual) meeting for the Connecticut Humane Society: A local spaniel mix had just lost both of his parents to COVID-19 and was in urgent need of somewhere to go. Animal control was asking if CHS could take him in.

Immediately, the meeting was filled with: “Yes!” “Of course. How old is he?” “What’s his name?” “What’s his personality like?”

Two big parts of Benji’s life were now gone, and he was alone and confused. When crisis strikes, pets like Benji feel it too.

But suddenly, during his darkest days, lots of people were looking out for little Benji and eager to meet the 5-year-old pup.

Transitioning to a brand new environment with brand new people wasn’t easy for Benji. Normal parts of dog life made him nervous, like leashes and collars. He wasn’t sure how to be friends with other pooches. And when it was time for his medical exam, he showed everyone that he might be small, but he had a big personality.

Benji’s days gradually got brighter, as he learned he was safe and could count on an abundance of cookies. He began crawling into the nearest laps for cuddles and playing chase games in the outdoor playpen as the behavior team worked with him. CHS veterinarians found that he was a healthy boy who just needed some spa time for dirty fur and knots.

His life had changed drastically, but he could at least find the comforts of home again. When he was ready for adoption, Benji found exactly that with a new mom. Because when crisis strikes, there are plenty of people who want to make a difference.

Support from friends like you made Benji’s fresh start possible.

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