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Bella story page

For Bella and her dad, one night almost changed everything.

Bella had pulled at some carpeting after Anthony went to bed, even ingesting some of it while she worked on her newly discovered “activity.” By morning, she was vomiting and couldn’t eat. The 8-year-old pup couldn’t even keep down water.

She needed emergency care, and what would that cost? Likely far beyond anything her best friend could afford. Bella was scared and her dad was devastated.

Bella could have lost everything she loved, simply to get the medical care she needed. She could have found herself in a shelter, and she could have been faced with starting over and finding a new family, just because her dad couldn’t afford extensive veterinary treatment.

Don’t worry: None of that happened because there was another solution for Bella!

Not knowing where to turn, Anthony called CHS. “I was thinking she was going to die,” he recalled.

The two couldn’t lose each other now. Bella had been with her dad since she was just a few months old. She didn’t even have a name when she was waiting to be chosen at a local shelter. When Anthony adopted her way back then, Bella got a name, a best friend, rides in his truck, and a life full of love.

Plus, she was getting into her senior years. She needed the comforts of home—her home—now more than ever.

Bella came to CHS’ reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic and got the lifesaving care she desperately needed. CHS operates Fox with support from generous friends like you. And that meant there was a place for Bella and her dad. The pooch recovered and quickly got back to being spoiled every day at home.

“I was very, very extremely happy. Definitely relieved,” Anthony said.

Why break up a family when veterinary care and pet food can get them through a rough time? This smiley girl went back home where she belongs, and saved a spot at CHS for a pet who was truly homeless.

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