Grey and white dog with sign

For three months, Aretha waited her turn. “Will today be the day someone picks me? The day I find people of my very own?”

The 5-year-old pup had been found wandering outside and landed at New Haven Animal Control. Months passed with no new family. She was no spring chicken, and needed a comfy foster home.

So Aretha came to the Connecticut Humane Society. A foster family excitedly welcomed her, and, over the next 71 days, brought her back and forth to CHS for dental care (she had a mouthful of bad teeth) and check-ups for lumps and bumps.

But something more extraordinary happened. Aretha’s foster parents and their two daughters fell in love with her. Each pet they fostered left an impact, but Aretha was extra special—she snuggled with the girls, watched TV on the couch, and was a perfect guest. The youngsters hoped for a dog of their own just like her one day.

Mom and Dad decided to officially adopt Aretha—and surprise their girls. When the family arrived at CHS after Aretha’s last appointment, she greeted them wearing a pink tutu and sign that read, “Will you adopt me?” as her CHS fan club stood by her side.

You can probably guess what the girls’ answer was (and may be reaching for tissues right now). Through happy tears, they said yes and gave Aretha endless hugs. It was her turn to officially go home.

Watch her special moment below.