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Things just weren’t going well. Yodi’s skin hurt. It was raw, and her neck, chest, belly and arms were all bald. She was stinky—and how much worse it would all get with the hot summer temperatures?

The French bulldog needed relief, and some fur would be nice, but she’d be happy to simply feel a little better.

The Connecticut Humane Society would give her a hand. And so began…the Adventures of Yodi.

She met with the medical team and immediately received a special diet for her skin allergy, soothing baths and medication. But her treatments would all take time to start working and prove they were the winning combination. So a dedicated CHS volunteer welcomed her home for the next month, determined to make it the best few weeks she’d had in a long time.

Pandemic? What pandemic? Yodi was having the time of her life and finding lots to do!

She helped her foster parents with a puzzle. She soaked up the sun. She took some relaxing baths.

She even became a work-from-home assistant (although she definitely created her own dress code for the job). She admired the trees. And she learned about fashion.

Whew! No wonder she really enjoyed her naps.

Meanwhile, her skin was healing. Before she knew it, she wasn’t scaly and scabby anymore! Her prescriptions made a difference, but all the TLC in her foster home worked its own magic, and she went up for adoption.

Now, her latest adventure is learning about life with her new family!

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