Jax story page

It was his first hour at the Connecticut Humane Society, and Jax was already showing he was a tough cookie: The tiny 3-week-old kitten kicked off a brand new leg bandage within about, oh, 5 seconds.

He was a resilient, what’s-all-the-fuss-about, nothing’s-gonna-slow-me-down type of guy, even as everyone around him worried he was fragile and facing a tough medical journey. But if anyone could get through this, it was Jax.

When he and his littermates arrived at CHS, Jax was the most unique: His back foot was gone because his umbilical cord had wrapped around it and cut off circulation. And now things you weren’t supposed to see in a leg were exposed. Hence, the bandage.

The black-and-white kitten was too small and too young for the type of surgery he’d need. So everyone from CHS’ staff veterinary team to his foster family (and even his mama cat) did their best to keep his leg protected, cleaning it each day and applying medication.

Attention from human pals became one of Jax’s favorite things. He would come to his foster mom when she called and follow her around. Sometimes, his short leg was sore and bothering him, and he’d nap a bit extra that day. The medical team determined amputating the rest of the leg would be best for Jax.

Around 3 months old, his leg was amputated. Just hours later, Jax was purring and stretching and relaxed. He knew a big weight had been lifted and that he’d be running around as a tri-paw in no time—thanks to generous donors who make sure pets of all ages get the fresh starts they deserve.

Before he knew it, Jax was cleared for adoption. He was Pet of the Week on Fox 61, snuggled in laps, and, just like he did in his foster home, followed people around anytime they were with him. Today he’s doing all that and more in his new home.

Three legs? You’d barely notice. Because he’s too busy soaking up all the affection he can get, and giving it right back!