These figures represent animal handling activity for the last quarter 2018 and 2017, year-to-date.

Animals Received:2nd Qtr. 2019, YTD2nd Qtr. 2018, YTD
Total Animals Received:2,0011,986
Received from the public:753904
Transfers in from other organizations:950774
Returned adoptions:6264
Returned for treatment:2922
Owner requested euthanasia:140161
Outcomes:2nd Qtr. 2019, YTD2nd Qtr. 2018, YTD
Animals in care at end of period:298301
Transfer to rescue:184167
Returned to owner:1815
Returned for treatment:2922
Behavioral euthanasia:3248
Euthanasia due to health:*157174
Natural death:1812
Total Outcomes:1,8611,841

*Health includes owner requested euthanasia.