Two yorkies with their family

Dear New Family,

Wow, I thought I would be at the Connecticut Humane Society forever! I stayed for six whole months. I wasn’t up for adoption that whole time—I was sick and then getting better for most of it. Now that we’ve found each other, you need to learn all about me!

I’m 9 years old! I’ve had a few homes and was in a shelter before CHS, too. In my last home, I remember going to the bathroom a lot. I think it was because I drank so much water. I couldn’t get enough. Seeing was hard for me, too.

When I got to CHS, my new human friends kept asking why I was always finishing my water bowl! I could tell they were worried. I heard them say this word, “diabetes.” They gave me a test, and apparently I have that! It made me really thirsty and took away some of my vision. And guess what—people can get diabetes, too! Isn’t it weird dogs and people can get the same problems?

Good thing CHS had its own doctors for me to see. Oops, I think they’re called veterinarians. Anyway, they gave me medicine. I kind of felt better, but some days, I still felt off. You know the worst part? I couldn’t have any more treats! I begged and gave my best puppy dog eyes, but no one fell for it. I could only eat special food now.

But everyone was so nice to me. They took me for walks and let me be an office helper. I still worried how they would feel about me because I’m older. I’m probably not as easy to take care of as a younger dog. But they said I could stay as long as I needed because friends in the community were making it possible. It all made me feel like I still mattered.

And so they kept giving me tests to see why I still felt weird sometimes and then adjusted my medicine. It took so long! One day I had a surgery on my mouth. I guess some teeth were broken (the ones that were still in there, anyway…some were missing), and others were a mess.

See why I needed to be at CHS for so long? But we were all in it together.

And then one day, after my medicine was at the right level, I went up for adoption! But those fears about being old worried me again. Would a new family want me? Could they give me my medicine?

But you understood completely! Because you already had a dog who is older, too! And now she’s my sister and you’re my parents! How lucky am I?! I hope every pet who’s older can be just as lucky. Because we matter!


Your new dog Koopa